How to Add 10% to Your Income Next Year

Joe Garecht says, “The best way to increase your income this year by 10% is to upgrade your present donors by 10%.” Normally we think, I’ve got to find new donors to increase my income by 10%.
So, this is another tactic you could use to gain income.
I’ve tried it several times during my 30 years in nonprofit work, but didn’t have a lot of success. Could that be because I didn’t know what I was doing? Most likely.
Here’s Joe’s article with all the ‘How to’s” and issues discussed in a very good way. If you want to use this tactic in fundraising, please check it out.

How to Get Your Donors to Give More this Year than Last Year

There’s a well-known maxim in non-profit fundraising: your best prospects are your current donors.  This means that the people that are most likely to give to your organization this year are the people who gave last year.

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