Can Earnest Hemingway Teach Us Anything About Fundraising?

A great American writer, Ernest Hemingway, was a novelist, short story author, and correspondent. He published classics like, The Old Man and the Sea. Ten novels, ten short story collections, and five non-fiction works of his were published.

He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, and many of his works are considered classics. Born in 1899, he lived for 62 years until he committed suicide in 1961.

Here are five principles of good writing Hemingway followed, I discovered in a blog by Brian Clark, CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable, and curator of Further.

This is what we can learn about writing from a great writer . . .

(1) Use Short Sentences.
(2) Use Short First Paragraphs.
(3) Use Vigorous English.
(4) Be Positive, not Negative in your choice of words.
(5) Never Have only 4 Rules!

Think you can apply these in your next newsletter either printed or sent digitally?


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