Some Fundraising Training Blogs to Check Out

There are many good people involved in fundraising training and many of them have regular blogs. One I follow is Sandy Rees from Fully Funded. Sandy has a mission to help individuals and small organizations gain their funding.

In a recent blog post Sandy gave ten blogs she could recommend, and I pass those on to you for your consideration.

12 Must-Read Fundraising Blogs for New, Young, and Small Nonprofits

“These blogs are written by people I know and trust to bring you good content that works in today’s fast-paced environment.

There’s no fluff here and there’s not theory. Instead, you’ll find practical ideas you can use right away to help you fuel your growing nonprofit.

Most of these blogs have new posts once a week and are easy to read, which keeps them from being overwhelming.

#501 Social Blog. Written by my friend Julia Campbell, this blog shares tons of online fundraising and social media tips.

Arroyo Fundraising. Fundraising expert Kathy Kramer Ryan supplies ideas for fundraising that anyone can use.

Clairification. Claire Axelrad shares great stuff for small nonprofits, especially around thanking and keeping donors.

Communicate! Get Dennis Fischman’s tips and ideas for raising awareness and communicating with your donors.

Foundation Group. Compliance isn’t a sexy topic, but you MUST stay on top of it. Thanks to the Greg McRay and his team, you’ll get insight into the accounting, taxes, and legalities of running a nonprofit.

Funding for Good. My dear friend Mandy Pearce is a wealth of knowledge and shares it all, particularly around grant writing and donor development. Plus, she uses a lot of video to keep it interesting.

Fundraising Authority. The guys at Fundraising Authority provide insight and understanding into the basics of fundraising from A to Z.

Future Fundraising Now. The brilliant Jeff Brooks always has something to make you think on his blog to make sure you’re doing fundraising RIGHT.

Garecht Fundraising Associates. Joe Garecht always has a way of explaining fundraising concepts to make them easy to understand. You’ll find lots of great fundraising tips and ideas here.

Hands on Fundraising. Mary Cahalane writes about fundraising and donor relationships in easy-to-understand language.

Ignited Fundraising. Lori Jacobwith writes about fundraising, donor relationships, and storytelling (plus tons more!).

John Haydon. You’ll find the latest on fundraising online, social media and email marketing on John’s blog.

More Resources:

www.FundThe            (More resources for fundraising)        (Places of Rest and Retreat for Missionaries)
www.Cancer                  (My Cancer Story — Path of Hope Forward)

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