Need Some Free Budget Templates?

Last post I said a budget was essential for planning your fundriaising in 2018.

Today a blog post came through from Tova Miller who works for Hubspot in which she offered 8 various free templates. So I want to pass those on to you.

I have not downloaded these templates since I have my own, but they might stimulate you in some way to develop yours if you need one.

And remember: the Excel Spreadsheet is a great budgeting tool.

Here’s what Tova wrote:

Planning your marketing budgets for 2018 right after the holidays can be a pain.

That’s why we’ve just launched our 8 free 2018 budget templates so that you’re spending less time budgeting and more time making executive decisions.

These budget templates are broken out into 7 marketing channels and 1 master template where you can manage all of your budgets together.

Click here to get those templates. (fundraising tools) (my cancer journey in writing) (Oasis centers for missionary retreat)


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