Need More Money in 2018?

2018 is out of the starting gates!

How much money do you need to fund your ministry this next year? If you’re not sure, you could end up short on money this year which creates anxiety, crisis mode, and perhaps an unplanned trip home.

Here are a few things to put into your preparation or year’s planning upfront as you move into January.

  • Your Budget. Do you know how much money you need? A 12-month budget will bring you that number. You can develop this in an .xls (excel) spreadsheet quite simply. Sheri and I have gone through this process each December or January for the following year. Trust me. You can’t be on top of your fundraising without this step.


  • Your Financial Assessment. There are two realities you may clarify here to help you plan:
    * How much money can you count on this year?
    * What’s coming in regularly and through already pledged scheduled gifts?
    * You could also look at last year’s income, and estimate this year based on that – factoring in any changes you see up or down.
    * Subtract that number from your budgeted total need – and you’ve got your prayer and work target for this year!


  • Your Support Base. Since you know how much extra money you need to fully fund your budget, where do you anticipate this new money coming from? You have a number of options.
    * Upgrade your present donors. Will they give more than they are?
    * New donors. Hard work, but pays off the most in ROI.
    * Request to a large donor who gives large cash gift.
    * A couple fundraising letters sent out with cash request.
    * An activity to net some extra cash and close gap in your budget.
    * All of the above in your plan will undoubtedly net you the cash you need.


  • Your Fundraising Plan. Once you decide where your money will hopefully come from, you need to establish your intermediate goals, activities to meet those goals, timetable to get those activities done, and your schedule. If you don’t plan to this extent, you will most likely miss your overall fundraising goal.Here’s an example:
  • To raise $ ____ by June 30.
    • List people who gave to our project requests last year — by Jan 15.
    • Set up a skype call with 5 of them and request they join our Anchor Team – by Jan 30.
    • List people who are on our mailing list who do not give yet but follow us and write us periodically – by,
    • Set up a skype call with 5 of them and request they join our Anchor Team – by,


  • Your Accountability. It’s tough to stay in a focused fundraising mode without accountability. Who do you want to ask you the hard questions:
    * Did you make your list?
    * Did you make your calls this week?
    * Did you get your letters out?
    * When are you going to put off the TV or video; stop putzing around on Facebook: and get down to your fundraising work?

Wishing you happy and successful fundraising next year!


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