Don’t Ask for a One-Time Donation

In this post I want to introduce you to William (Bill) Dillon who started ‘People Raising’ and runs Fundraising Training Seminars in the USA, many on the weekends. His blog puts out monthly posts and has many resources listed on it — posts with insight for fundraisers.

Bill’s recent post challenges us as fundraisers not to ask for one-time donations when we are trying to build our Anchor Donor Teams. His post gives us the reasons.

2 Reasons Not to Ask for a One-Time Gift

Two Reasons Not to Ask for a One-Time GiftYour primary goal in raising funds is to secure regular pledged gifts that you can count on each month. That being the case, you tend to ask people for a monthly gift.

When the person responds by saying they are unable to provide a monthly gift, it can become natural to ask for a one-time gift.


(Read the full post here)

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