Do You Have Some ‘Angst’ in Asking for Donations Face-to-Face?

One of the most effective ways to raise funds is a personal face-to-face. Yet this is the one method the most difficult to do.  Joe Garecht, of Garecht Fundraising Associates, hits this subject head on with some great advice.  Here it is . . .

Asking for Donations Without Stress or Fear

In working with hundreds of non-profits over the years, one of the biggest issues I have found is that most organizations aren’t making enough in-person asks.

Most non-profits are asking for donations regularly.  They’re asking through appeal letters, e-mail, event invitations and other channels.  But far too many organizations are hesitant when it comes to having face-to-face ask conversations with their donors.  This is a huge mistake, because when it comes to fundraising, nothing is as effective as an in-person ask.

There are many reasons why non-profits aren’t making enough face-to-face asks.  Some organizations think that they don’t have enough time (or staff) to make personal asks.  Other fundraisers are convinced (wrongly) that other ask methods can be as effective as personal cultivation for major and mid-level givers.

But in my experience, the number one reason why most non-profits aren’t doing enough in-person asks is that many fundraisers feel a certain level of stress, fear, and anxiety about asking for donations face-to-face.  This fear is sometimes right on the surface, but is more often felt subconsciously.  In this article, we’re going to look at how you can move past fear and anxiety when asking for donations for your non-profit.

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