You’ve Got Stories — Use Them in Fundraising!

According to a 2017 Inc. article, Uri Hasson, Princeton University researcher, said that our brains are wired for story. He recorded brain activity of speakers telling stories, by using MRI machines to measure blood flow to regions of the brain as people listened to stories.

Here’s what they found technically, “the brains of a speaker and his or her listeners exhibited joint, temporally coupled, response patterns.”

Put another way, the listener’s brains mirrored the speaker’s brain – but only when the speaker was telling the listeners a story.

In other words, the speaker and the listener were on the very same page in their minds, and the story was the glue that connected them.

(Listen to his TED talk on this subject)

Sarah Weber, marketing manager for Quantified Communications, says, “Storytelling language gives a speech the qualitative elements that help audiences engage with the speaker and recall the key points.”

Here’s the take-away related to your fundraising presentation: Presentations high in storytelling content have a much greater chance to move an audience to change its beliefs or its actions! In other words, to see your mission in a new light and respond to your request for joining your team!

And here’s a tip from the article on how to develop your story:

(1) Establish a setting,

(2) introduce tension through conflict, and then

(3) establish a new normal for the characters via the resolution.

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