Beans, Beans, and More Beans

One fundraising principle I operate on in fundraising and promote in this blog is that God is the Provider. We ask Him for our needs, and then work hard to raise money.

We have a missionary friend in Mozambique, Brenda Lange, feeding over 2000 orphans a day, church planting, fighting off black mambas or a periodic lion on her porch, and managing many other challenges — like providing enough beans for her kids!

Brenda works hard raising her funds. Each year there’s a major fundraising trip back to the USA to visit donors, enlist new donors, and try to raise enough money for children’s clothing, housing, and food, like beans!  That’s a huge task.

And most often she even has the money . . . but then the bean crop is short.

What to do?

Brenda’s answer: “Go back again to Jehovah Jireh (God will provide) and ask for more. After all, He’s the Provider!

Here’s her story of the ‘Bean Surprise.”

“Dried Beans are the only protein source for our kids in the bush. So they are vital for nutrition all year long. But after our first month of food distribution, a sack count revealed that our beans would not last until May.


Because up to 20 orphans or abandoned children were admitted into our program last month, and the true time of hunger hasn’t even begun! We expect that number to increase greatly by December and continue throughout the rainy season when food is growing, but not available to eat.

I asked the Lord what to do, for no beans are available to buy in bulk in SEPTEMBER!

Within 1 DAY of that prayer, I received a phone call from our friend, Hagipe, in Montepuez (30 miles/60km away). He wanted to know if I needed any more BEANS? Said he had 10 tons in Montepuez if I wanted them.

Warehouse where beans & corn are stored

My work crew and I were busy at the food barns when I got his call. His question brought me to a full stop, causing my work crew who were following me to almost walk over me! It took a minute for the shock to wear off, for NO ONE has ever had tons of beans to sell in September!

Seems God hid these beans away for us due to some farmers harvesting very late in his area.

I’m THRILLED, for we now have high quality, super dry beans in our barn at a slightly lower price than what we had to pay in April.

Then to show the absolute power and love of God to us, two of our Pastors also came to us last week saying they had 6 tons of beans because they harvested late.

SIXTEEN TONS was exactly the extra amount I estimated we needed to feed the children until May!

JESUS! The master of surprise and our provider.”

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