How To Structure a Year-End Giving Campaign

2017 is almost gone — Oh, Oh, it’s year end fundraising letter time!

Let’s talk about your Year End Fundraising Campaign. I used to call it ‘my year end fundraising letter’ but ‘campaign is more accurate.

Why? Because fundraising increases if you are connecting with people ‘over time.’ In other words, they need several communications before you make your year end ‘ask.’

Here’s a campaign idea to use – try it out this year and keep track of what happened so you know next year.

(Because Nov is almost done, you’ll have to cut out some of this for 2017, but plan ahead for next year — in fact why not develop a communication + fundraising campaign for the whole year?)

Communique 1: Story of impact. – 2nd week of November.

Communique 2: Personal story or something in your life. 3rd week of November

Communique 3: Thanksgiving note – Thankful for them. Thanksgiving week.

Year End Ask 1: Your hard copy letter should hit their box 1st week of December. Your email ‘ask’ during the same week.

Communique 4: Impact story(s) from the past year. “Thanks for your part.”

Communique 5: Update on giving to your ‘ask’ letter. Vision statement for 2018 – what’s moving forward?

Year End Ask 2: December 28: “You can still contribute this year. Money helpful and appreciated to keep us moving forward!”

Year End Ask 3: December 3o or 31. Be aware here of time changes in the world. That’s why 30 December is best to catch everyone. “You can still give this year – last chance to move us forward into the next year!”

Personal Thank Yous: To each one who gave as soon as you know they gave.

Communique 6: Here’s what’s happened in our year end giving.

Ongoing Communiques: Any chance you can send out a short email every two weeks to your list? That will keep them engaged, so next year your ‘year end campaign’ is ‘in stream and natural.’

Project Ask: By the way, if you can communicate regularly, try a project ask in May or June.


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